Friday, September 24, 2010

Health Reform: Six-Month Anniversary

Yesterday marked the 6 month anniversary of the President signing health reform into law. How time flies...what did you do with your copy of the 2,700 page law to celebrate your anniversary? I took mine to a nice steak dinner...

Aside from the nostalgia, the 180-day mark is an critical juncture for the new law. Numerous provisions went into effect yesterday, and some of the worst abuses in the health insurance market are now a thing of the past. Here are some of the major ones:

-Young adults up to age 26 will be guaranteed to be able to stay on their parents insurance, helping over 2 million Americans gain coverage
-Children can no longer be denied insurance coverage because they have a pre-existing condition
-Ends the practice of rescissions, making it illegal for insurers to drop an individual who gets sick and 'unprofitable'
-Ends lifetime caps on insurance claims for all individuals, assuring individuals with a chronic disease or medical emergency the security to access vital services
-Requires new plans to offer proven preventive care (mammograms, vaccinations, blood pressure/cholesterol screenings, etc.) with NO cost sharing or co-pays, assuring access to these vital services even in economic hardship
-Allows women to directly access OBGYN services, without the need of a referral


  1. A steak dinner? I hope not. The healthcare reform bill could stand to lose a little weight (and so could the nation it is aiming to heal) ... next time I recommend salad!

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